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(SOUTH AFRICA), 2 December 2013. Kia Motors South Africa (KMSA) will perform a recall to prevent a potential problem with brake light switches in certain models across the following ranges: Sportage, Cerato, and Sedona.

The vehicles that may be affected in the local South African market are Sportage (SL) models, manufactured between January 2010 and May 2011; Cerato (TD) models manufactured between July 2008 and August 2010, and Sedona / Carnival (VQ) models manufactured between November 2006 and December 2010. All Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN’s) of the vehicles possibly affected in these production runs were identified by Kia Motors Corporation (KMC) and amounts to a total number of 3327 vehicles. These VIN numbers will be used to determine which customers will be contacted for the service action.

The main function of the brake light switch is to control the operation of the brake lights. It is mounted on the brake pedal mechanism and is activated when the brake pedal is depressed. Other functionalities of the brake light switch include: KMSA has detected that some brake light switch assemblies in the affected models may experience intermittent operation. The problem was identified after reported incidents of intermittent operation of the push-button start feature (on models fitted with this feature), or the occasional inability to move the gear shifter out of the “Park” position, or the illumination of the ESC indicator lamp on the instrument cluster, or failure of the brake lights to illuminate.

This does not affect the proper operation or performance of the braking system in any way. There have been no reported injuries or accidents related to this issue.

Adequate quantities of brake switch replacement parts have been distributed by KMSA to all dealerships and will be replaced free of charge.

KMSA will alert the affected vehicle owners via SMS, by e-mail or telephonically. For customers who are not contactable, full details will also be published on the KMSA website:

Frequently asked questions

Answering Your Brake Pedal Lamp Switch Recall Campaign Questions

What models are affected by the Brake Pedal Lamp Switch replacement recall campaign?
Soul, Sorento, Carens, Sedona
What is the function of the Brake Pedal Lamp Switch?
The Brake Pedal Lamp Switch is mounted on the brake pedal mechanism. The Brake Pedal Lamp Switch is actuated when the brake pedal is depressed.
The Brake Pedal Lamp Switch's function is to send a signal to the vehicle’s engine control computer that the brake pedal is depressed,
  1. This allows keyless push-button start operation
  2. Operates the brake-transmission shift interlock to allow shifting the gear lever out of "Park" when the brake pedal is depressed.
  3. Is an input to the electronic stability control (ESC) system.
  4. Allows engagement of the cruise control system.
  5. Operates the brake lights.
What is the problem with the Brake Pedal Lamp Switch?
Some stop lamp switch assemblies may experience intermittent operation.
The symptom(s) can vary by model due to:
  1. The vehicles feature.
  2. The function being utilised at the time of the intermittent point contact.
  3. The variation in electrical current used in each application.
Does this affect the proper operation of the brakes in any way?
The brakes will continue to operate normally as the switch is not responsible for brake operation, and brake performance is not affected in any way.
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Are all KIA’s affected?
The affected vehicles Soul, Sorento, Carens, Sedona were all assembled in between May 2006 and July 2011
How many KIA’s are affected?
3327 units shipped to South Africa fall under the conditions of this campaign.
How do I know if my KIA has a problem now?
If there is a problem then it is possible that the brake lights will not operate, or the starter will not engage when the “START” button is depressed.
What is involved in repairing my vehicle?
Your KIA dealership will replace the Brake Pedal Lamp Switch free of charge. The Brake Pedal Lamp Switch will be replaced with an updated Brake Pedal Lamp Switch. The actual replacement will take less than one hour. Please bear in mind that the time when work commences on your vehicle depends on its position in the work queue on the day of the booking.
How and when will I be contacted by Kia Motors South Africa?
Kia Motors South Africa will contact you either via registered letter, e-mail, or SMS.
If I am not the original purchaser how will you contact me?
You may not be on our database which is why we have created an opportunity for Kia owners to log their vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on our website.
How can I check if my vehicle is part of the recall?
There is a menu option allowing Kia owners to enter their vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on a search option on our website. The easiest method to locate your vehicle's VIN is to copy the 17-digit number from the vehicle's license disc
What if I am not happy with my dealers response to my queries?
You may address your query to KIA Motors South Africa via
Are upgraded Brake Pedal Lamp Switches available to complete the campaign on my vehicle?
The upgraded parts have been shipped from KIA MOTORS CORPORATION in Korea to KIA South Africa. There will be sufficient parts available to carry out this campaign.
Are new Kia’s with this defect still being sold by dealerships?
No, all the vehicles affected by this campaign were sold prior to the notification of the campaign.
Is KIA still building vehicles that will also be involved in the recall?
No, the Brake Pedal Lamp Switch used in the assembly of new Kia vehicles is the upgraded switch.