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KIA Motors South Africa announces voluntary recall on KIA Soul

(JOHANNESBURG) March 1, 2016 – KIA Motors South Africa will conduct a voluntary safety recall of approximately 798 KIA Soul vehicles commencing today, 1 March 2016. The purpose of the recall is to inspect the affected vehicles’ steering rack to confirm that the pinion nut is correctly secured.

The affected vehicles were all assembled in Korea between 18 January 2014 and 30 September 2015. In the event that the pinion nut is not correctly secured, there is a possibility that – on some affected vehicles – the driver might experience a knocking sound when turning the steering wheel.

Owners of the vehicles involved will be be telephonically notified by the KIA Motors South Africa’s Call Centre as of today, 1 March 2016. The Call Centre will assist owners in having their nearest or preferred KIA dealer perform the inspection and carry out the repair of the Steering Rack, which will take less than an hour (depending on your vehicle’s position in the work queue on the day of the booking). KIA Motors and its dealer network will implement this recall at no charge to the vehicle owner.

More information on the recall campaign, as well as an extensive list of frequently asked questions, will also be available to customers at, which will feature a menu option allowing Soul owners to enter their vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) into a search functionality. The VIN number is listed on the vehicle’s license disc, and embedded into the windscreen on the lower left side.

This function is particularly helpful for customers who are not the original owners of the vehicle or who, for whatever reason, is no longer on the KIA Motors South Africa database. Additionally, queries can also be lodged with the KIA Motors South Africa Call Centre on 010 596 2000.

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Frequently asked questions

Answering Your Campaign Questions

What is the Steering Rack?
The Steering Rack transfers the drivers actions on the steering wheel to the vehicles wheels .
What is the problem with the Steering Rack?
The locking compound fluid applied to the Steering Rack Pinion Nut may have been incorrectly formulated affecting its long-term adhesive properties.
Are all Soul's affected?
The affected vehicles were assembled in Korea between January 18 2014 and September 30 2015.
How many Soul's are affected?
966 Soul units shipped to South Africa fall under the conditions of this campaign, with 798 units to be actioned.
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How do I know if my Soul has a problem now?
If there is a problem then it is possible that there will be an audible noise present on turning the steering wheel left to right.
What is involved in repairing my Soul?
Your KIA dealership will action a repair to the Steering Rack free of charge. The inspection and repair will take less than 1 hour. Please bear in mind that the time when the inspection commences on your vehicle depends on its position in the work queue on the day of the booking.
How and when will I be contacted by Kia Motors South Africa?
Kia Motors South Africa Call Center will contact you telephonically to arrange the inspection and repair at your preferred dealership.
If I am not the original purchaser how will you contact me?
You may not be on our database which is why we have created an opportunity for Soul owners to log their vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on our website.
How can I check if my Soul is part of the recall?
There is a menu option allowing Soul owners to enter their vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on a search option on our website. The easiest method to locate your vehicles VIN is to copy the 17digit number from the vehicles license disc
What if I am not happy with my dealers response to my queries?
You may address your query to Kia Motors South Africa Customer Care on telephone number 010 596 2000.
Are all parts available to complete the campaign on my Sou?
There are sufficient parts available to carry out the campaign on the vehicles still requiring the campaign action.
Are new Soul's with the recall still being sold by dealerships?
All the vehicles affected by this campaign have been actioned prior to the notification of this campaign.
Is KIA still building new Soul's that will also be involved in the recall?
No, all vehicles built after September 30 2015 do not fall under the conditions which led to this recall campaign.